Danish National Maritime Museum

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Danish National Maritime Museum

The Danish Maritime Museum had to find its place in a unique historic and spatial context, between one of Denmark's most important and famous buildings and a new, ambitious cultural centre. This is the context in which the museum has proven itself with an understanding of the character of the region and especially the Kronborg Castle. Like a subterranean museum in a dry dock.
Leaving the 60 year old dock walls untouched, the galleries are placed below ground and arranged in a continuous loop around the dry dock walls - making the dock the centerpiece of the exhibition - an open, outdoor area where visitors experience the scale of ship building.
A series of three double-level bridges span the dry dock, serving both as an urban connection, as well as providing visitors with short-cuts to different sections of the museum. The harbor bridge closes off the dock while serving as harbor promenade, the museum's auditorium serves as a bridge connecting the adjacent Culture Yard with the Kronborg Castle, and the sloping zig-zag bridge navigates visitors to the main entrance. This bridge unites the old and new as the visitors descend into the museum space overlooking the majestic surroundings above and below ground. The long and noble history of the Danish Maritime unfolds in a continuous motion within and around the dock, 7 meters (23 ft.) below the ground.All floors - connecting exhibition spaces with the auditorium, classroom, offices, cafe and the dock floor within the museum - slope gently creating exciting and sculptural spaces.

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