Danilovskiy Fort
Design Bureau Sergey Skuratov Architects Ltd Address: Moscow, Novodanilovslaya embankment 8 Authors: Skuratov S.A., Romanov A., Kuznetsova E. Design period: 2005 - 2007 Construction period: 2006 - 2008 Function: Multifunctional business centre Client&partners Biznes Stroy Ltd \ Tehnologija Ltd of MR-group Structural design and engineering systems: Tehnologija Ltd of TSN group of companies Construction site: 7 987 sq.m Building projection: 7 035 sq.m Territory (greenery): 2 635 sq.m Total area: 40 000 sq.m Underground: 7 078 sq.m Above 0-level: 32 229 sq.m Construction volume: 191564.9 cu.m Stories: 6-10-12+ one underground level. Top level mark: 50,6 m Parking places (underground): 380 cars The business center is composed of three different storied vertically oriented volumes based on single story flat ground floor. Clear and rational layout idea is softened by complicated plastic forms of facades. Active rhythm of differently sized windows that accrues and fades relieves from standard boredom and monotony so inherent to architecture of all business centers. Drawing of façade windows stresses the main peculiarity of the building – indented walls that give graceful curve to the main façade which looks to the riverside. The two glazed consoles protruding from opposite brick towers aspire on a meeting to each other and thus unite the whole structure. Decorative brick of irregularly varying shades and tones is used for all facades. Brick mass of the whole complex soars above the ground floor structure because of its glass filled outer walls. The whole composition enabled to make the inner yard on the roof of ground floor. In the center of this yard an artificial hill with skylights rises above lawns and flower pots. The daylight streams through directly into the main room of ground floor which can be used as central canteen.


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