Danfoss Redan A/S

Danfoss Redan's new administration and production building is located so as to present a distinctive appearance along Århusvej in Søften Business Park. The building moves linearly forth and makes a strong impression with its raised first floor. This part of the building is bright and light, and varies in light Nordic tones from white to shaded opal white and off-white - in white concrete, smoked glass and off-white surfaces.

The building is also equipped with a base placed directly on the terrain, which contains the administration and reception areas: two functions which establish a gradual transition to the production areas. Courtyard light wells, light-permeated corridors and skylights in the zone between production and administration secure variety in the building and mark the transition between the two functions. In this transition zone, which is also where the more closed-off common facilities are located, a meeting-room has been inserted to provide a visual buffer and a natural link, and in which the actual product is visible – a kind of "hinge" linking the two working groups.

The ground floor of the building houses its administration area, reception, changing facilities, archives, copy room and toilets, and the actual production areas. On the first floor is the building's canteen, conference room, kitchen, connecting corridors and external air conditioning rooms.


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