Danat Al Emarat

The design of this women and children’s hospital reflects owner commitment to provide advanced medical care for women and children in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), informed by current research and inspired by people and place.  Envisioned to provide world-class, patient-centered medicine and the hospitality experience of a 5-star hotel, while integrating evidence-based design.
Fluid, feminine tower forms rise gracefully as memorable and meaningful sculptures. Distinctively curvilinear in contrast to sharp angled of towers in the region, this landmark is easy to navigate toward to inspire confidence, reduce stress and initiate intuitive wayfinding.   Encircling ovals and undulating curvilinear forms of elongated horizontal overhangs, balconies and screens are recalled and reinterpreted in a second tower, planned as future development. Designed as a unified experience to embody a unique sense of place, the counterbalancing curves of each tower embrace and celebrate cherished lives within. Fluid, horizontal ribbons connecting the towers evoke flowing veils, water and wind-sculpted sand creating a daylight-filled celebratory umbilical link for patients and families.

Continuity of sculptural forms, elegance and layers of visual interest reinforce confidence.  The soaring atrium dynamically changes with a play of natural light and shadow; the embracing oval womb shape, cradling the energy of life, is recalled and reinterpreted throughout for a human centered experience.  Form and pattern fluidly connect outdoor and interior spaces. Water imagery evoked in exterior paving flows inside. Elegant date palms punctuate with familiar comforting scale. Material and color reinforce brand. Glass and metal convey high-tech medicine. Soft lighting, golden tones and wood reinforce warm care. Intricately detailed, and beautifully painted surfaces, of Middle East artistic heritage, express the value of human touch.  Each point-of-encounter on the journey has clearly defined circulation and cues in landmarks, lighting, color, pattern, art and signage for easy navigation, patient dignity and reduced stress.  Embracing regional experiences, the atrium level resonates with familiarity of shopping in luxury malls and vibrant souks, and strolling along the Corniche waterway palm canopy.  Cherishing patients and families as guests, with grand-scale graciousness, and personalized attention to individuals – kindness and caring reflective of UAE hospitality.  Patient experience is family inclusive and room amenities rival luxury hotel suites, including expansive closets for UAE expectations. Inpatient medical services conveniently combine with outpatient services including the Bistro Café, retail boutiques, butler service and private nursing. 

Efficiencies are maximized with synergistic stacking approach for women and children’s hospital and the planned surgical specialty hospital. Staff travel distances are reduced with easy access between hospitals. Flexible clinics on level one of both towers are grouped in expandable modular units to ebb and flow with daily need.  Invasive sedated procedures are collocated for efficient prep and recovery services. Level two imaging resides in both towers, with shared CT and MRI. Surgical services are unified on level three. Inpatient unit caregivers leverage wireless technology and computers-on-wheels to keep close to patients. Most beds are postpartum and medical-surgery; all are identical for flexibility and responsiveness to patient care needs. Two basement levels cover the entire site, accommodating lab, pharmacy, central sterile, IT, environmental services, kitchen and materials management; all designed to adapt to easily to fully support both towers.

The design integrates beauty, functionality, programming and pragmatic objectives with the poetics of the architectural expression as a catalyst to shape this unique experience honoring women and children in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.
Envisioned to be both universal and unique; to provide world-class, patient-centered medicine, the hospitality experience of a 5-star hotel, and responsive to culture of Abu Dhabi and the Middle East while integrating evidence  based design concepts. This project is responsive to people and place; to a broad range of expectations from Emirati and ex-patriot patient, family and staff in an area where nationals comprise 20% of the population and multi-national comprise 80%. The designed human centered experience, embraces patients and family as honored guests with gracious amenities, while integrating familiar aspects of daily life from an array of ethnic cuisine to engaging diversions and distractions to elevate the spirit.

The design contributes to owner’s goals of providing world class healthcare in a world class environment for the people of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The entire experience is designed to focus on contributing to human wellbeing and each point of encounter is expected to reinforce brand, confidence in advanced medicine and personalized care. The poetics of the architectural expression is a catalyst to shape the journey for patients, family and staff. Holistic integration of hospitality, health and wellness are embodied in the interior spaces.

The evidenced-based design is intended to contribute to positive outcomes: decrease patient, family and staff stress; reduce patient falls, noise stress, medical errors and hospital-acquired infections; provide exemplary patient privacy and confidentiality; and increase patient satisfaction.

Many research studies are planned collaboratively with Owner and Design Firm. One important study planned will focus on privacy correlation to patient satisfaction and differentiation in the marketplace. The outpatient prep-recovery will be a great test of the perceived ideal correlated to industry standards. The prep-recovery has 16 bays with 10 that are private rooms with doors with direct access to private toilets and 6 that have cubicle curtains and access to toilets across a common corridor. The model of private prep-recovery with direct private toilets has increased space impacts and the study outcome will inform design decisions for the surgical specialty hospital tower planned to connect to the women and children’s hospital, outpatient centers envisioned for this and other facilities in the region.

The design also demonstrates sustainable performance measurements following Abu Dhabi’s Estidama standards emphasizing energy management and water conservation. LEED concepts informed design. Forms and fenestration respond to the Abu Dhabi sun.  Horizontal sun control devices:  overhangs, plant shelves and balconies. High performance insulated vision glass reduces energy consumption, improves day-lighting and interior temperature quality.  Fritted glass reduces glare. Expansive windows remain predominantly unobstructed to maximize daylight and views for patients, families and staff. Systemic approach integrates sophisticated building management systems to control MEP with high impact design elements for an energy efficient, quality indoor environment.  Sustainable interior concepts include paints, adhesives, stains, and finishes with low volatile organic compounds for enhanced indoor air quality; energy efficient equipment; high recycled content materials; and fixtures reducing water use.


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