Dakota Apartments
Located in Central Beirut, the site lies 100 metres north of the Damascus Road and has a primary address to Achrafieh Street in a district of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The Dakota apartments building will be a new icon in the city urban fabric.

The site area is 655sqm and retail space occupies the ground floor and a mezzanine level. Office space is located on the first floor and apartments occupy the remaining top 10 floors with a roof garden terrace at the top of the building.

Configurations of two apartments per floor at lower levels and single apartments on upper floors are provided, with two dramatic penthouse maisonette apartments crowning the top of the building.

External operable louvred and fine mesh sunscreens to window openings reduce interior heat load during summer. Folding glazed screens to the loggia terrace spaces, together with the operable sunscreen devices, will result in the
building appearing to have a living façade.

Construction of the Dakota apartments commenced mid 2005.


3 photos and 1 drawing

Building Activity