From some previous studies of the archeological city of Shahat (Cyrene) and the proposed development we did; the site was to locate the museum within the old city.
Also from the architectural program of the museum; the main concept and objective were to establish a museum which will be an important center (building) to house the City’s archeological collections, and a center for preservation and interpretation of the collections of the archeological & artifact of ancient Cyrene (Shahat).

Furthermore the object was to provide a display of historical development and cultural heritage of Libya in the sequence exhibit areas of the museum in sequential order historically.
The museum promotes the documentation and research of historical artifacts of the region and to be available for scholars and students and public to learn more about the material history and material culture of Libya.

The project reflects two main functions.
1- Reading and interpretation of the cultural history through the display and study of these archeological discoveries and acquisitions.
2- Preservation and maintaining the cultural and archeological heritage of Cyrene (shahat) with respect of successive civilization of the region.

The project is designed through Addar Alibia for Engineering Consultancy office according architectural and functional program study developed through the research done by the Designer Dr. Mahmoud Daza& Haithem Mahmoud Daza, Dr. Daza was the conceptual Designer of the project, further design development of working drawings, BOQ and specifications was under the leadership of architect Haithem Mahmoud Daza.


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