Cyprus Ercan Airport Terminal

The design decisions of the Cyrups Ercan Airport Terminal are derived from a few interrelated contexts. The place in general, like our previous projects, generated an important beginning direction. The existing state of the socio-cultural pattern and the dominant touristic character of the region where the complex will be built were prioritized as crucial criterias. In this sense, sensorial elements like the impacts that the passenger who will use the building will receive from the space he is within, the first impressions he will obtain from this island or the residue images of the port that will stay with him as he arrives to his final destination were effective in the structural decision taking. Another specific approach of this project was the reduction of the energy sources that the building would consume and the environmental problems that such a large structure can produce. Thus, creating a sustainable airport that has ecological concerns and inclinations was kept as a sub-context in the design. The “bower-structure” approach was proposed as the most suitable approach to demonstrate all the facts of the context of the place, for the new terminal and parking building. The blinder systems that were produced in this sense, were placed as a second roof that fades away and become transparent at some places on the passenger terminal and the multi-storey parking space and allowed air ventilation as a result. This simple yet effective move provided protection to the main structure from the sun’s direct effects like the “grape” example which is used often in vernacular examples in the town. In this way, it was aimed that the energy consumption caused by the necessary cooling burden in the summer would be reduced in these buildings which create their own microclimates because of the breezy voids. Alongside to the top covering which emerges at times as a metal gril and at others as a sail formed covering generated with suspension-tension systems; the large inner gardens that were produced with similar ecological inclinations form enticing perspectives in the use of space, carry the sunlight to the furthest corners and also allow the air to freely circulate in the building with the cross ventilation method. Systems were generated to direct this circulation in the exterior facades of the terminal building and in the inner garden surfaces. The proposed design that includes all of the sensorial context components, was also expected to fulfill cognitive criterias like building capability and economy, the perfection of the passenger-baggage flow, the easiness of management and maintenance, growth, flexible use opportunities, fully and without any errors. It was aimed that the generated spaces would be open and spacious and a visual flow is obtained through the designed voids of the gallery as well as an inner dynamic area in which the movement can be observed from anywhere. It was proposed that the building would be built with a precast conveyor system considering both economically and architectural approach, that it would exhibit itself fully naked, without unnecessary stucco,paint or any other material. In this context it was proposed that the construction of the actual building would be made neatly by using a white cement for the naked concrete produced. The tray systems used generally in the floors allowed them to be left nakedly without any covering or shielding. Inclining from this approach surfaces were designed with naked concrete, natural wood and matte cladding rather than with shiny materials, suspended ceilings and expensive floor and wall claddings. These placid materials were proposed to continue the query started in the inner areas with the massing planning of the building. In this context, it was aimed that the large passenger hall would be modest in the economic value of the used materials but assertive in the volumetric impacts of the materials.


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    Its gonna get unbelivable hot in there and unlike the designer claims, this will not be a sustainable building. I believe the quality of space inside the building for human interaction is not well considered and the use of materials are not adequate/cheep. I have liked the "transparent tent" idea in the entrances though need to admit. Graphics are great, needless to say. This not have chance to look at the plans but if the designers say plans are working smoothly, I have nothing else to do but believe them.
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