Cuprum Arena
CUPRUM ARENA Shopping Centre is located in Lubin, the capital of the POLISH COPPER BASIN. The region has a population of over 300.000, the vast majority of whom have moved to the area during the last 25 years. In designing the CUPRUM ARENA we wanted to create a building that could become an architectural symbol of this region. This is why we used metals similar in colour to copper in its many forms. The building, with its multiple layers, perforations and transparent elements, is inspired by the industrial aesthetic of this region and creates a symbolic link to the role of copper in the modern world. A purely technical problem, which we had to solve, was that of laying the foundations for this multi-storey, open-plan BUILDING IN AN AREA SUBJECT TO THE EFFECTS OF SUBSIDENCE. To the best of our knowledge, this is so far the largest building of this type and structure built in such conditions. THE CENTRAL ARENA The central atrium, which dominates the other building areas, is truly an arena for events. THE DOUBLE SKIN OF THE BUILDING This houses evacuation routes and vertical service shafts, and has an inner layer of perforated and embossed metal sheet. THE CIRCULAR PLAN The idea behind the circular plan was to construct a building, which would blend into the wedge of surrounding green and whose architectural form would avoid flat façades. The circular plan provided the most universal and economical solution. AN INDOOR STEEL AND GLASS SCULPTURE The skin of the building housing the central escalators, main lift shafts and shops are facing inwards towards the centre of the sculpture. CIRCULATION OF VISITORS a one-sided, horizontal gallery of shops is juxtaposed with a vertical steel-glass sculpture housing the central escalators and shops facing inwards, and is separated from the upper sections of the building by a series of skylights. LANDSCAPING Zones of diversified landscaping character were created: - densely built retail complex on a circular plan with an integrated multi-level car park and integral technical-structural equipment, - area of the complex’s infrastructure service including a road system that ensures the functioning of the shopping centre, - enrichment of the previous urban greenery and upgrading it to the rank of a flawlessly composed open area of a recreation enclave appropriately combined with the gallery in terms of space. FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS CUPRUM ARENA comprises the following functional units: - a three-storey gallery with rentable commercial spaces intended for retail, cultural, catering and exhibition functions, - a car park located on the three top levels – for motor cars, - unloading zone adjacent to the eastern side of the facility, - area for rent, which can possibly be used as office, sports-recreation, catering or club area. Three main ENTRANCES to the facility have been designed, each of a different character: - the northern entrance, situated on the lowest level of the shopping centre, creates a space lobby that forms an important buffer and marks the street space, - the park entrance is situated on the lowest level of the shopping centre, in the western elevation, to create an atrium within the centre, which makes its geometry complete with an amphitheatre located outside, - the southern entrance is situated on the intermediate level of the shopping centre; in order to produce the effect of space buffer, the building façade is drawn back into its interior. MAIN DETAIL: - usable floor area: ca 70.000 sq.m - height of the building: 25m - levels: 5


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