Culver Hotel
Culver Hotel is a historical landmark situated in downtown Culver City, California. It was built on the site of Culver City's first movie theater on September 4, 1924, with local headlines announcing: "City packed with visitors for opening of Culver skyscraper." Originally named Hotel Hunt, and later known as Culver City Hotel, the six-story building contained the offices of Harry Culver, the founder of Culver City. It was designed by Los Angeles architect Claud Beelman. The Culver Hotel has appeared in countless films and television programs throughout its history, including Little Rascals , the Laurel and Hardy series, The Wonder Years , Party of Five , 7th Heaven , Last Action Hero , and Stuart Little 2 . The Culver Hotel has a restaurant, conference room, and bar.

The hotel was originally jointly built by Charles Chaplin and Harry Culver, the founder of Culver City. Harry Culver's office was on the second floor in a room that, now, looks out to the Sony Plaza building. Legend has it that Charlie Chaplin sold the hotel to John Wayne for a dollar during a poker game. The Culver Hotel was owned by John Wayne for several years before he donated it to the YMCA. He did so after having been approached by the Black Panthers who wanted to purchase the hotel. They decided to move to San Francisco. There is a "John Wayne" presidential suite in the hotel.

Much of the cast of The Wizard of Oz stayed here during filming of the movie in 1939. The hijinks of that period, including the hotel's being taken over by the " Munchkins", were featured in the 1981 movie Under the Rainbow . The pie-slice-shaped hotel has housed many stars as part-time residents, including Clark Gable, Mickey Rooney, Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Red Skelton, Buster Keaton, Dorothy Dandridge, Douglas Fairbanks, Frank Sinatra, and Ronald Reagan. The hotel was bought by Wei Hu in mid 1997 who has subsequently sold the hotel due to costly legal fees and a slump in business. The nearby Jazz Bakery has been known to put up world renowned musicians at the Culver Hotel.