Cultural Cloud
A high performance skin enshrouds stacked volumes elevated off the ground inCultural Cloud, global architecture firm RMJM architects' proposal for the Taichung city cultural center, located at the Northeast corner of Taichung park, at the gateway to the city. Recognizing Taiwan's agricultural history and its rise as a technological leader, the orthogonal programmed spaces beneath undulating form simultaneously connects the organic past and landscape context, and the developing future of the constructed urban condition. The museum and library housed within are portal for learning -a repository for art and information that is being hoarded and disseminated at exponentially increasing rates, adding a layer of meaning to the project's cumulous silhouette. Floating above the groundplane, extensive cantilevers are supported by mirrored structure, which blend into the background. Below, a sunken plaza joins the rolling topography, inviting the public to relax in the shade. Without obstruction, it is accessible from all directions, strengthening the link between built and growing surroundings. The idea of inhabiting transitional space continues inside the building between the delicate exoskeletal structure and fully enclosed rooms. Gardens planted on terraces in these interstitial areas further integrate natural elements within the conditioned environment. The diaphanous skin and atria also provide passive ventilation, while integral pv panels in the facade provide cooling and simultaneously offset energy consumption. at the intersection of culture, nature and urban constructs, 'cultural cloud' is a socially and environmentally sustainable gateway for the city of taichung.

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