Cultural Centre, Goiânia
Situated in the southwest of Goiania, then the limits of the BR-153 (linking the city to the south of the country), the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Centre is facing a wide array of art, with 17 thousand square meters of constructed area. The area is named after the architect who had never designed a work in town. The design is simple: four volumes with different forms and uses, on a rectangular terrace. In 1999, Niemeyer was invited by the then Governor (and current Senator PSDB) Marconi Perillo to create the Human Rights Monument. According to legend, fueled by the former governor, he went to the office of Rio Niemeyer, who did not know him, and said emphatically: "I came to collect the rent of the land on which you built Brasilia." The architect soon realized that it was a joke and started to hear the order - that shortly before the trip to Rio de Janeiro, already widened to a cultural center. "Me and Joseph Edson Ferrari, who was secretary of Perillo, had this idea," says Lemos Marcílio Carvalho then architect of the Agency for Culture and Goiânia that accompanied the execution of the work. Niemeyer was thrilled and touched up with the idea to christen the space with your name. But the implantation site was still uncertain. The first proposal in Lagoa das Rosas (where is the zoo), was abandoned for environmental reasons. Cogitated also the area of ​​the road, designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha (with Luiz Fernando Teixeira Moacyr and Lamb), which is underused and then partially transformed into shopping center, defacing the original design. Staff then went into the ground today. Owned by a businessman, there was a pending legal on the plot, which in the 1980s had been donated for the construction of a convention center, not carried out. Thus, an action against the State asked back area. Negotiations led to an agreement: the new Niemeyer buildings occupy 60% of the lot and the other 40% would be returned to the former owner. The architect visited the site and the project readequou to this condition. For political reasons, the work was executed hastily: one year after the definition of the terrain, the center was opened.

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