Cultural Center in Ranica, Bergamo, Italy

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Cultural Center in Ranica, Bergamo, Italy

The project, designed by DAP studio and Paola Giaconia, is the outcome of a competition launched by the municipality in 2005 to endow the town with an important institution that would augment its cultural and social life

The cultural center is conceived as a new catalyst of urban life, not only as a laboratory for education and information, but it also a place where people can meet and where citizens can reinforce their sense of belonging to their territory.

The building, located between the historical nucleus of the town and the area of urban growth, is the physical hinge of the resulting urban structure. With its sharp and pristine image and soft color nuances alternative to the surrounding buildings, the Cultural Center stirs the urban landscape aesthetically and winks at the silvery shimmers of the nearby mountains and at the warm shades of dawn or sunset.

The building - housing a public library, an auditorium, a kindergarten, and a school for dance and theater- is made of two volumes, one laid on top of the other, centering an interior courtyard capturing natural light and attracting pedestrians. The building hosts a new 'piazza', a new meeting point for the citizens. In this sense, the project for the new cultural center reconceives the ground. Beginning at grade, the building establishes new links with the city and makes its presence felt as it rises two floors above the ground.


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