Cube House
This small housing unit is thought as a loft for people interested in Arts, is possible to understand it as a dynamic artifact of experiences and perceptions. Great importance has been granted to the relationship that it is going to have with the neighborhood and all Ferrous Park, that’s the reason why we can say that the dwelling tself embody the sculptural spirit of the site that turns this dwelling into a sculpture for living. The cube is a basic element with a powerful physical presence, there is no doubt that is a universal icon of inhabitable space. This “box` has been placed in one of its vertices, obtaining in that way, a suppressive character and a deep sense of anomaly and visual instability. The notions of configuration, spatial arrangement and form acquire an ambiguous appearance of surprise and curiosity, due to that, this “box` -prismatic container, where all modernist architecture is based - is able to seduce whereas it’s watched and explored on every view and detail. Special importance has been given to the handling of the light in its internal spaces. In some cases light is controlled and filtered through large surfaces of glass, and other cases by means of irregular windows which emphasize its incidence and phenomenical presence. The inner space fluctuates in a “non-conventional` way, contributing a different way of living “the house`. Ferrous Park is being developed by Jeff Rumaner, a sculptor and entrepreneur who goes by the name Stretch, and partners, including architect Tom Stiller of SquareOne Collaborative. The townhouses will share the block with a sculpture park Stretch installed outside his studio and gallery. The block is in the East Crossroads area, a low-lying, partly industrial area marked by surface parking lots and an increasingly lively art gallery scene. Stretch and others began moving in several years ago to help transform the district as development increased and rents began to rise in the heart of the Crossroads, west of Main Street.

Building Activity

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