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in 1999 madrid city hall closed down the old center for r.s.u. treatment in valdemingomez after reaching, the garbage dump, its limit regarding residual reception capacity. later on, it convened an ambitious competition for the recovering and transformation of such an extensive and deteriored territory in a forest park open to the public in order to shelter, as a botanical garden, native species from madrid.

it was proposed, in this context and within  madrid southeastern recovering plan, to locate an environmental tehcnological center as a visible access door to the recovered area and as a meeting place where activities related to environment are developed, such as courses, conferences, journeys the same as different types of exhibitions, without forgeting its high educational level in the spreading and awareness within the youngest sectors of society.

the center, as element for shelter and transition between the city and the forest park, turns so into the most public image of the recovery, acquiring in a certain way the character of icon or symbol in such a process.

one of the most important decissions when dealing with the project was to place the building over the old residual reception plant designs and the incineration furnace, not only to recover the extraordinary unloading pits, exhibiting spaces and libraries, but also to preserve the most meaningful elements of what these installations were in the past. in this way, the own center turns into a “recycled object” inserted in an environment intended historically for recycling and the transformation of residues, existing a bridge between past and future.

the center is elevated towards the access over a carpet made of grey concrete in continuity with the interior, shaped in three powerful volumes: two wooden boxes, joint to another one made of glass, which embeds itself in them and, in the interior, organizes the conections between the different spaces and articulates the building with its nearest environment.

the quiet, abstract and unitary image of the access front, with the box of glass aligned to the exterior, contrasts with the following one, more vibrating and changeable, conditioned by topography and the shadows provided by the different holes and remains of existing constructions under the access level.

the election of natural materials (stratified wooden panels with soul of bakelite) and artificial ones (uneven plates) answers to the two features, past and present, more dominant in the place: the industry and the park.

as vertical counterpoint to the strong horizontal development of the building, two chimneys from the old installations have been preserved, returning to its original aspect.
these chimneys make the building visible from a long distance.

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