Crystal Island
International Competition for Design Scheme of Crystal Island Central District of Shenzhen, China Crystal Island is located in Shenzhen’s city centre. The surroundings are beautiful but lack activity. Responding to the government’s strategy of creating a cultural city and the Capital of Design, Crystal Island should be defined as a positive mix of various cultural components. Eventually, it will be a Public Citizen Center with various programs. Compression As for the problem of facility dispersion and long distance, we recommend implimenting an efficient regional public traffic system for the central district from LianHua mountain to CEC. By compressing time and space, people can enjoy more convenient city life. Landmark We create a dynamic landmark rather than a static symbol. The landmark should be able to change from time to time, event to event according to the development of the city. Thick Edge In this design, the functions are intentionally arranged along the edges of the park. The thick edge creates conversation with the surrounding streets. Event/Holiday We planted various social events in the park, which could be the pulse of the city and supplement to the regular activities in the park. Link We directly linked the traffic node in the site to that of the surrounding city to achieve efficient traffic transfer and maintain city vitality. Ecological landscape By inducing park topography a surface with unique characteristics is created. Public education and participation with eco-technology practises and urban agriculture occur within the topography. Micro farmland provide fresh fruit and vegetable for market.


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