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Imobil office and apartments Lodging and headquarters office, Duzilor Str, S 1, Bucharest * client: SC CRIBA PROCONSTRUCT SRL, SC CRIBA DESIGN SRL * general designer: SC CRIBA PROCONSTRUCT SRL, SC CRIBA DESIGN SRL * author: Cristina Olga Gociman * collaborator architects: arh. Octavia Popeea, arh. Claudiu Hogea * structure: ing. Barbu Gociman, ing. Florin Toma Voica * installations: sanitary – dr. ing. Dumitru Enache * gas installations: ing. Marcela Serbanescu * electrical: ing. Cristian Ionescu * thermal, ventilations: ing. Horia Cretu, ing. Mihnea Zamfir * status: project 2002; in progress. A building that interrogates the context, questioning it harsly. The architect proposition is to set a square directly from the second plan, and to determine in a vertical sense an urban old tissue surviving, today, only through its memories. It is noticeable the consequence regarding the material “collage` (concrete, stone, metal sheet) following the formal collage (prism, triangle, cilinder). The result: a provocative volumetric play, a monumental and broken volume cracking up into a vicinity maybe too quiet, dominating it, for now at least. An architecture of interrogation. “A powerfull moment put into the triangular prism, an endless moment put into the stone cylinder. Perhaps I finally succeeded to “forget me not` behind metaphors. Everyone wishes a house, but for an architect that new house must be a statement. The struggle is the just beginning, when all others’ projects, all your projects, yours and your children beliefs are melted into a chaotic cup. The project of our office and our house grew up together with us and changed in time. One year for design, another one for authorization, two years for structures, another one for closures, a year for installations and maybe another one for “the final touch` – that’s how we understand these “7-years-from-home` for a “kid-house` well educated. We built a staircase – it fell down; we had walls, some of them fell, too; we modified windows, doors – so that the whole is still unprecised, like a kid you try to elevate, but it’s almost impossible for you to know how he will grow, how he will be and if he will be a fine image of your wishes in his respect. Everything seems to be a proof, a struggle with yourself, with your limits and your possibilities – just an interrupted struggle.` (Cristina Olga Gociman)


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