Cressington railway station
Cressington railway station serves the Grassendale district of Liverpool, England. It is situated on the Southport-Hunts Cross route of the Northern Line of the Merseyrail suburban system. The station takes its name not from a district in Liverpool, but the nearby Cressington Park.

The station, originally called Cressington & Grassendale, opened in 1864 as part of the Garston and Liverpool Railway line between Brunswick and Garston Dock. In 1865 the station and line were incorporated into the Cheshire Lines Committee. The station closed in 1972 but reopened in 1978 as part of the Kirkby- Garston line of the Merseyrail system. Services were extended from Garston to Hunts Cross in 1983, and diverted to Southport instead of Kirkby in 1984. From 11 December 2006 the Monday-Saturday evening service was increased to run every 15 minutes, instead of half-hourly as previously. The station is a Grade II listed building and has a traditional facade. As part of the Merseyrail upgrade, the platforms were lengthened to accommodate 6-car trains. This proved problematic, as the station is situated between two bridges in a narrow cutting. Special dispensation was given by the Railway Inspectorate to build the platforms narrower than the 6-foot (1.8 m) width which would normally be required. During the summer of 2010, the building on platform 2 had some work done to it and is now useable as a place where passengers can sit out of the weather whilst waiting for the train. The room has 15 chairs in it and an electronic information board showing the next 10 trains for both platforms. There was also the installation of an information sign on each platform outside showing the next train, where it stops, when it is expected, and what the current time is. Inside the main building is an electronic information board showing the next 10 trains expected at the station. Also there is a bin, a bench, a place to lock your bicycle, and a vending machine for food.

Trains operate every 15 minutes, Monday-Saturday to Southport via Liverpool Central to the north, and Hunts Cross to the south. On Sundays, services are every 30 minutes in each direction.