Crawford Municipal Art Gallery

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Crawford Municipal Art Gallery

The Crawford Art Gallery occupies a prominent location in the heart of Cork, a The Crawford Art Gallery occupies a prominent location in the heart of Cork, asmall city in the south of Ireland. As a result of numerous extensions, since itsconstruction in 1724, the building had developed into an amalgamation of varioussculptural forms and spaces, none of them however suitable for contemporary orlarge scale exhibits.

The objective was to add two new exhibition spaces and improve the publiccirculation route within the gallery. The extension is within the existing courtyardand resolves former dead end circulation spaces by connecting the existing floorlevels with a new suspended stair. The two exhibition spaces are created withextremely different atmospheres. The upper gallery’s dramatically shaped roofscreate an architectural space with natural daylight from the roof whilst the lowergallery is more silent with a glazed wall facing Half Moon Street that can bepartially or fully closed by a series of wooden shutters depending on the demandsof each exhibition. The new extension façade articulates the contrast, yet also theharmony, between the old and the new. The gallery has a harmonious externalappearance as the previous extensions have a consistent use of brickworkthroughout. The floating curved planes of the new façade are also made out ofbricks that are glued together to form monolithic shells. Connected throughmaterialisation, but distinctive in form and shape, the intervention is acontemporary addition to an existing cultural landmark that adds another layerof history to the gallery complex.


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