Créteil Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Créteil) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Créteil, France.

It is the seat of the Bishopric of Créteil, created in 1966.

Present building

The present cathedral was formerly a parish church opened on 18 June 1976 which became the cathedral in 1987. Modest, as was the wish of the ecclesiastical authorities of the period, it is located between the district of Montaigut and the Université Paris XII Val-de-Marne.

Before the consecration of the present building, the cathedral of the diocese was the church of Saint Louis and Saint Nicholas at Choisy-le-Roi.

Proposed building

On 19 and 20 June 2010 a project was announced ( the Projet CréteilCathédrale+) to bring about the transformation of the present modest cathedral building into a more welcoming, more luminous and more visible symbol of the presence of the Church in Val-de-Marne.

The decision on whether the project is viable will be made by the end of 2010: if is is decided to proceed, the estimated end of the building works is September 2013.

Sources and external links
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  • Website of Projet CréteilCathédrale+ (French)

Coordinates: 48°47′23″N 2°26′39″E / 48.78972°N 2.44417°E / 48.78972; 2.44417

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