Cowboys Stadium

The Cowboys Stadium stands as the largest physical expression of the team:  dominant and powerful in stature, simple and purposeful in nature.  Its architecture dwells in modernism - purity of form, structural expression, functional clarity and true innovation.


Swift form, power structure and agile movement serve as a strong link between the architectural design of the building and the primary use of the venue.  The 100,000 plus capacity stadium is the largest NFL venue ever built, boasting the most spectacular column-free room in the world - stretching a quarter-mile in length.  The retractable roof is designed to emulate Texas Stadium's famous hole in the roof, and the end zones feature the largest retractable doors in the world, measuring 120 feet high by 180 feet wide.


The center-hung video board spans between the 20 yard lines and features four individual boards, two facing sidelines and two facing the end zones.  The stadium includes 350 private luxury suites, 15,000 club seats and the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop.  From the longest single-span roof structure in the world to the canted glass wall that creates an ever-changing aesthetic depending on the time of day, no architectural expression is more appropriate for "America's Team."


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