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The Circuit of the Americas development located southwest of downtown Austin will be the host to the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix, MotoGP and V8 Supercar races starting in 2012. Built around a 3.4 mile racetrack, the facility has the capacity for 120,000 visitors and will become a significant attraction for the city of Austin. Miró Rivera Architects designed the entry sequence into the facility, Grand Plaza, Observation Tower, Tower Amphitheater and Main Grandstand.

Bordered by the track on three sides, the Grand Plaza is the most prominent feature of the development. The Grand Plaza welcomes visitors to the site and features a reflecting pool and an extensive lawn. Varying landscape zones enclose the plaza and define unique areas of activity.

A promenade along the north side of the Grand Plaza hosts concessions, retail, restroom facilities and entrances to spectator seating. This trellis-covered boulevard will be a significant gathering point for visitors to enjoy the spectacle of racing. The monumental lawn slopes down toward the 15,000-capacity Tower Amphitheater, suited for large-scale events such as musical concerts and other performances.

The centerpiece of the complex consists of a 250-foot Observation Tower that rises over the racetrack, offering sweeping views of the entire track, downtown Austin and the nearby Hill Country. A series of 18 red steel tubes cascade down the tower to form a canopy for the amphitheater stage below.

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