Cortenbergh 71
Pleasantly curved office building in glass and aluminium The Kortenberglaan 71 project originates from an existing project, located at the corner of the Kortenberglaan and the Rembrandtlaan in Brussels. The location of the Kortenberglaan 71 office building could hardly be more strategic: situated in the heart of the European district, in the street that leads to the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, surrounded by numerous companies and prestigious organisations. Kortenberglaan 71 also enjoys exceptional visibility at the heart of the centre of the European Union. The building is very accessible: just a stone’s throw from the motorway network, less than 10 minutes by car from the airport, close to a metro and railway station and numerous bus services. The Jubelpark, hotels, restaurants, cafés, banks and a post office are just a few minutes walk from Kortenberglaan 71. The Kortenberglaan and its surroundings are characterised by an eclectic amalgam of office buildings. Because of the variety of architectural styles present, it was not possible to blend the style of Kortenberglaan 71 into its surroundings. Instead, it was decided not to refer to the surroundings and give the building its own distinctive style. As a result, the building stands out from its surroundings ... it literally stands out on its own. The property at Kortenberglaan 71 was once an office building, and it still is. It was decided to remove the facade from the original building and give it a new facade; a sort of facelift. The building is, as it were, encased in curved vertical aluminium profiles. Starting at the top, the s-shaped profiles wrap themselves around the structure of the building. The new facade is thus characterised by a projecting, flowing shell form in an uplifting wave movement. This creates an organic volume that creates a startling spectacle in Kortenberglaan. The verticality of the s-shape of the profiles also contrasts pleasantly with the horizontal structure of the facade. Because of its northerly orientation, it was decided to use clear glazing for the Kortenberglaan 71 property which – independently of the horizontal facade structure – is positioned between the vertical, s-shaped aluminium profiles. The structure extends above the glazing, so that the building does not end abruptly, but with a curved flourish. Lower down, the extended facade structure curves away from the retreating lower floors, creating an awning for passers-by. The shell-shaped facade does not extend to the end of the building on the Rembrandtstraat side in order to ensure a smooth transition to the neighbouring properties. Behind its curving facade, Kortenberglaan 71 houses a 9-storey office building with two underground levels. This impressive glass and aluminium building has a total surface area of 7,200 m² of office space and includes parking space for 76 vehicles.


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