The design direction for the two executive floors is both ambitious and pragmatic at the same time, reflecting the corporate strategy of the client. Upon arrival at the top floor, visitors are greeted by a two-story glass atrium with a skylight above and views north and south to the distant mountains. Scattered throughout the open spaces of these executive floors are informal gathering spaces, large and small, exterior and interior. It is the client’s purpose to transform the typical sanctuary-like corporate headquarters atmosphere into a space inviting to staff of all levels, so that the executive committee does not become isolated.

Throughout the two executive floors the materials are elegantly understated and impeccably detailed, projecting an image of quiet, unpretentious efficiency. The scale of the offices and open spaces is generous as a reflection of the company’s success, but never intimidating.

Pei Partnership Architects was brought to this project as the building was under construction. Design began at the time the structured framework was complete, necessitating a highly accelerated design process. Through an effective construction management process the design was priced repeatedly during the design phases, allowing almost immediate value engineering and adjustments as necessary.

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