Conversion and Extension of Sailer House

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Conversion and Extension of Sailer House

The owners of a Salzburg villa, wanted to add a weather-protected space that could be used all year round and would connect the house with the garden. Our main interest concerned the opening of the house to the south-sided garden. We created a large terrace reaching to the border of the property, on which we placed the garden room of glass and a pergola with tension ropes to provide shadow through plants or textiles. The arrangement of living room (music room), glass house, pergola, terrace, and a garden wall at the side-axis of the building create a chain of interwoven spaces, each closed and protected to a different degree.

As one element in this chain, the garden room of glass was held neutral. The cubic form consists only of a glass protective skin. In such a way, one can really feel the metamorphoses of nature during every time of the day and the year. The light, transparent skin dissolves. This makes the sensations of the Salzburg rain or the mirror-images of the garden seem like magic events. The neutral space gives the users freedom and shifts their perceptions away from banality. The glazed room becomes a space integrator between inside and outside.

A special characteristic of this winter garden lies in its building technology.  The glass cube has a “skin” of isolated glass and a glued glass-only construction with only few metal connections. This type of glued only-glass construction represents a technological innovation formerly never applied in Austria (where climatic conditions are often severely harsh).

The reduction of the materials to one, namely glass and the simple details of the glued structure make the “high-tech” construction appear like a “low-tech” one. It is paradox, that a new technical development, the glass-only construction, helps us to prevent the effect of “technical expressionism”.

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