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'with yuko hasegawa, chief curator of the museum of contemporary art tokyo, we collaborated in the planning of an exhibition involving both art and architecture which is based on the theme 'architectural environments for tomorrow'. architecture and art serve as a form of mirror, reflecting an image of the times and society which we are heading towards. simultaneously, we believe that these serve as an important process in the creation of the coming age. for this reason, we expect each of the participating artists to put forward an architectural/artistic proposal aspiring towards a new kind of sensation, philosophy or experience. when we speak of a new era, we think it will be of one which is diverse and believe that architecture or art plays a major role to provide a world-model in which various values and dynamic relationships are able to coexist with each other. in this vein, we will not show each work in this exhibition distinctly instead, as much as possible, we aim to display them all together, without walls coming between them. we hope to see the entire museum functioning as an expression of diversity.' - kazuyo sejima + ryue nishizawa / SANAA

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