Conoco-Phillips Building
The Conoco-Phillips Building is the tallest building in the U.S. state of Alaska at a height of 90 meters (296 feet). Located in Downtown Anchorage at 700 G Street, it has 22 floors and was completed in 1983. The Conoco-Phillips Building, along with the nearby Robert B. Atwood Building, predominantly defines the center of the skyline of Downtown Anchorage. The actual building is more of a complex, composed of the atrium, connecting with a smaller office tower. The main tower houses the Alaska regional corporate headquarters of ConocoPhillips, while the smaller tower consists of local branches of major companies, including the New York Life Insurance Company and KPMG. The sky-lit atrium is open to the public, and has a small food court, as well as a water fountain. Sometimes public events are held here, notably the annual summer Wild Salmon on Parade local art auction.