Connecticut Hall
Connecticut Hall is a Georgian-style building on the Old Campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Built in 1752, it is the oldest building on the Yale campus (in fact its only surviving 18th-century structure) and one of the oldest buildings in Connecticut. The building is the last surviving remnant of the Old Brick Row, the rest of which was demolished after the American Civil War. It has also been known as Old South Middle. Connecticut Hall was built under the direction of Thomas Clap, who was president of Yale at the time. The construction was headed by Francis Letort and Thomas Bills; the latter later helped to build the First Chapel. The design was based on Massachusetts Hall at Harvard University. The money used to fund the project came from the sale of a French ship, as well as from a Connecticut lottery and a grant from the Connecticut Assembly. The building was built 100 feet (30 m) long by 40 feet (12 m) wide, and three stories tall. As part of the Old Brick Row, it was known as South Middle and was enlarged to four stories. When Connecticut Hall faced demolition in the early 20th century, the building was saved by a group of alumni led by Professor Henry W. Farnam. After World War II, the building was gutted and rebuilt by Douglas Orr and Richard A. Kimball. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965. Today it contains the offices of Yale's philosophy department. The Faculty Room, where the Faculty of Arts and Sciences holds its meetings, is located on the second floor. There is also a computer cluster in the basement. The first two residence halls at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, originally dubbed "Yale of the Early West", are modeled after Connecticut Hall. Originally a student dormitory, its notable residents included:
  • Nathan Hale
  • James Hillhouse
  • Noah Webster
  • Eli Whitney
  • John William Sterling
  • John Trumbull
  • David Humphreys (soldier)

Since 2008, the (lightless) computer cluster in the basement of Connecticut Hall has become the home to group of students known at CTHallGremz, short for "Connecticut Hall Gremlins." These students (generally students of the Humanities) are known, especially around finals week of both Fall and Spring semesters, to congregate in the basement of Connecticut Hall to write their final papers, generally not sleeping. The cluster has had a reputation as a place to pull all-night essay writing stints ("all-nighters") for a few years now . This group has a Twitter feed and has been mentioned in various student publications.

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