Congress Center & Thermal Hot Springs Resort

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Congress Center & Thermal Hot Springs Resort
The site is located on a hill by the blue waters of Aegean Sea. The project consists of a wellness center, outdoor and indoor pools, five restaurants and congress center added to accomodation facilities as a five star hotel. Main elements on the facade are "shade panels" which do not block the view yet keep the disturbing sunlight in hot summer away and provide marvellous shades inside the lobby and the rooms’ balconies. The materials used on the facade are wood panels which break down the monoblock effect of the main building creating two exeggarated contours at two ends. The red roof covering the main entrance welcomes the visitors with a cool shady combination of water and green to tell them at first place that whether they have come for vacation or business purposes they will step into a higher level of weel-being once they walk throuhh this door. The site which is close to an Aegean historical seaside village once used to be the center of trade , art and culture. With this development we aim to create the good old days as used to be. We aimed to use a mixture of “old` local materials e.g. stone with high quality “new-age` materials` e.g. structural glass. The big challenge when we started to “think` about the size of the development was how we were going to welcome a five star hotel building with so many rooms, a congress center, indoor pool and wellness center and make this structure appear as is it was always there or as is if it didnot start standing there all of a sudden as a huge mass. We aimed it to be “not too high`, “not too wide`, “not too big`, “not too large`…. And yet we had to provide the hotel visitors easy access to all the facilities without having to step outside since the premise would be open throughout the year. Therefore we broke down the big solid block of the hotel into three main pieces connected to another “hidden facilities` block (congress center, indoor pool and wellness center). We hid the facilities block under a green roof with full views of the Aegean and daylight with shades. The materials used are steel, concrete, wood, natural stone; no “glass facade`, no “glazing`, no “aluminum cladding` and all green. The main circulation after entering the lobby is provided by two elevators on east and west wing. All the hotel guests can reach the indoor pool and wellness center directly through the east wing elevator without having to pass through the lobby and visitor areas. The congress center / ballroom can house up to 1200 guests. The hotel has two Outdoor Pools; one is located directly in front of the main block for “cool guests`; the other one is for guests with children. The Indoor Pool and Massage Rooms opening to the hidden courtyard provide the guests a calm relaxing environment .


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