The Condo “El Oasis” is located in a private Street in the residential neighborhood of La Molina district in Lima Peru.

The project was developed in a trapezoidal area of 1,700 m², where the 3 houses were distributed in lots of 500m² where the built area was ranging between 360 m² to 400m². The lots are located around an access track of 6.00 meters wide with double function, serving pedestrian and vehicular traffic, two of the houses have vehicular entrance from the Oasis street, and the third is accessed from the common access road of the project.

In order to not densify the area, we choose to work with large batches, so the approach to the houses is developed with emphasis inside themselves and not too much in the common areas.

The first floor was worked like a big socket with materials like cement, wooden shutters on it, the second floor flies over this big socket to allow more space to the central common access to the condo. This access finish in the parking of the thirds house, finished in wood and crowned at top of the wall in stone.

The entrance to the houses is through an atrium, where the service and principal doors are, both of them worked in double high scale. After the principal door we are in the hall with where the principal ladder are, this ladder are worked in wood, steel and glass, and the hall is lit by a big shutter window at the side given the hall some privacy form the outside.


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