Compass Point Shopping Centre

Coordinates: 1°23′32″N 103°53′43″E / 1.39222°N 103.89528°E / 1.39222; 103.89528

Compass Point (Chinese: 勘宝坊) is a suburban shopping mall located in the town centre of Sengkang New Town, Singapore.


Compass Point was built as an integrated development together with the adjacent Sengkang MRT Station and Compass Heights condominium. Constructed at a cost of S$230 million, the shopping mall started operations in August 2002. The shopping centre was the first major mall to open on the North East MRT Line.


Compass Point is Singapore's first thematic suburban shopping mall based on the theme of learning. Educational panels and informative posters are mounted on railings and walls, which feature interesting trivia based on particular themes updated periodically. After getting feedback from the public and commissioning a survey of residents in the area, conducted by international property adviser DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Limited, the mall's developer, Centrepoint Properties, proposed the learning theme for the shopping mall to cater to the predominantly young families of Sengkang New Town.

The shopping mall has an approximate retail area of 25,000 square metres (266,000 square feet). Retail space is spread out over four storeys and a basement. Each storey of the shopping centre is named after the five major continents, with motifs showing different aspects of that continent, such as flora and sea-transport vessels:Oceania (basement storey); Asia (ground floor); Europe (2nd storey); The Americas (3rd); and Africa (4th).

The mall is currently managed by Frasers Centrepoint (formerly Centrepoint Properties). Its major tenants include Cold Storage, Metro, Timezone, National Library Board, Best Denki, Jack's Place, Popular Bookstore and Kopitiam food court.

Sengkang Community Library, located on the shopping centre's fourth floor, is the first DIY public library in Singapore.


Compass Point is well-served by public transport, being located just next to the Sengkang MRT Station, the Sengkang Bus Interchange and the Sengkang LRT Station. Being easily accessible, the shopping centre serves as the main suburban shopping mall for residents of Sengkang New Town.

Little Nyonya roadshow

On the 27th of December 2008, a roadshow for the popular drama "The Little Nyonya" featuring the main cast of the drama was held at the ground level, and the response was extremely overwhelming with approximately 5,000 people present, with every floor (except the basement) literally being filled up. The response was so huge, some of the tiles at the ground floor of the shopping center apparently cracked and popped out towards the end of the event, owing to the sheer pressure of the fans.


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