Colorfront Film Post Production Studio

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Colorfront Film Post Production Studio
Colorfront is a film post production studio installed on the top floor of an old textile factory in Budapest (once called the Goldberger textile factory) that has been built in the very beginning of the 20th century. The primary goal of the client was to create a post-production facility that can successfully face competition from anywhere in the world, with its high quality contemporary interior. The studio is composed of 13 sound and image mixing rooms, a rentable office, two smaller and a large projection room, two meeting rooms and a restaurant, and the separated offices of the owners. Even though the post production work is carried out in dark and compact environment, the client needed a capacious and representative central space. We felt almost obliged by the large central agora, that swims in natural light coming through the roof glazings during the day, to rather organize the functional units into box-like objects that are centered around it, and sometimes even swimming in it, instead of cutting it up to smaller units. Working in the darkened mixing rooms and the completely dark projection rooms is contrasted with spending time in the sunny, light and colorful central `agora´, that also includes a small inner garden (at the moment the vegetation in the special-purpose steel box consists of lawn, but later on it will be replaced by bamboo). During the planning process we tried to preserve as much as possible from the elements marking the industrial past of the building. For instance the original flooring can be seen at some specific places and the diverse colored steel pillars also kept their original weathered painting. Once the colours of the pillars marked the subsequent phases of textile colorization, now this role is taken up by the colored illuminating panels behind them by separating the distinct phases of post production work and the rooms dedicated for those. Besides coordinating the statical, machinery and electric planning, the special function of the rooms required that an extra care had to be taken of the acoustic design of the rooms as well. Our solution to this exercise turned out to be so successful, that we were granted the 1st prize in the acoustics section of a well renowned international competition. This building is the first important project completed by our young studio of architecture that has received a wide publicity domestically.


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