College of Arts and Design
College of Arts and Design, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan Designed by the Jordanian firm maisam architects and engineers. Under construction. Architectural Competition winner, 2003 This 18,000-square-meter complex houses the various departments of the recently-established College of Arts and Design, which include visual arts, performing arts, and music. The complex features facilities for research and teaching, and will also be a place where musical, dance, and theater performances are held. The complex consists of three masses occupying a large triangular site located in the southern part of the university campus. The first mass (the Academia tower) is a six-story building that has an elongated rectangular plan, and is aligned with the site’s northern side. This building mass houses a wide variety of functions including, classrooms, exhibition areas, a library, cafeteria, lecture auditorium, as well as offices on the top two floors. It is capped by an undulating perforated fabric-like structure that shades an internal elevated court yard. The second mass (the atelier podium) connects to the first building from the south. It is an expansive one-floor structure that is square in plan. It houses music and dance studios as well as two small theaters, and includes a sizable courtyard intended as the college’s main open congregational space and the main building entrance. The top of this podium is utilized as an outdoor sculpture garden serving as a permanent exhibition for the works of the college's students. This garden is accessed from the main courtyard through open stairs, a pedestrian ramp connected directly to the university's main vehicular traffic artery, and from the gallery/cafeteria floor in the Academia tower. The courtyard opens up along its southern side into a portico with very slim columns that allows those approaching the college from the university’s main vehicular artery to enter and access the auditorium as well as the rest of the complex. The third mass (the theater) is situated off-center, at an angle to the other two masses, and deliberately disrupts their more or less symmetrical planning arrangement, creating a level of dynamic tension with them. It intersects with the southern corner of the second mass and even takes up part of the courtyard. The angle at which this mass is arranged from the rest of the complex allows for its alignment with the eastern side of the project’s triangular site, while the first building mass is aligned with the northern side. The site’s third side runs along the university’s main vehicular traffic artery, which links the university’s northern and southern gates. This third mass houses the college’s main auditorium, and also features an outdoor theater on its roof.


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