Coffee Plaza

The Coffee Plaza in Hamburg's HafenCity is planned as a unique center for international coffee commerce and related lines of business.

The project encompasses the design of the headquarters for one of the largest coffee trading companies worldwide and two office buildings with rentable areas as well as a public plaza and underground parking. The project's location next to Sandtorpark and in line with the Magellan Terraces directly overlooks the Sandtorhafen in the western HafenCity and allows it to function as a hub for city life, leisurely pursuits, and business activity. Situated on a podium overlooking the Sandtorpark, an oval-shaped tower creates a partition between the park and the plaza. With a gross area of 15,400 square meters on 12 floors, the building houses eleven upper floors of office space and an additional penthouse level, labeled as a "sculptural roofs cape" with conference rooms. The tower property also includes three subterranean levels designated for parking and technical spaces.

Framing the plaza, two additional structures complete the ensemble. Each building comprises a ground floor, six upper-floor levels, and a roof terrace as well as two subterranean levels designated for parking and technical spaces. Both ground floors allocate space for retail use. All three buildings feature flexible floor layouts. The relationship of the buildings to the urban context is of vital importance. The complex and plaza form a sculptural border to the development's expansive open spaces, and the three buildings rise from the elevated plaza and delineate the city blocic, giving a sense of place and community to the area.

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