Coal Washing Plant
The Coal Washing Plant is part of the Zollverein Mining Complex, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Center in December 2001. The concept for the conversion of the Coal Washing Plant was drawn up in close collaboration with the curators and future users. It meets the highest architectural, climatic and safety requirements.

The draft is based on the existing buildings on the one hand and the spatial programs of the future users on the other: the huge machines of the coal washing plant, representing monuments of work, are part of the conversion concept. The organisational core will be the Visitors Center at a height of 24 meters. After riding the 60-meter long escalator, leading through a “gangway” made of glass, visitors will reach the foyer high above the roofs of Zollverein, with a bird’s-eye view of the colliery. In contrast to the Visitor Center the exhibition areas, located underneath the 24-meter level, are not marked by machinery, but by the existing architecture.


20 photos and 4 drawings