Close House

The Close Mansion also known as the Close House, was built in 1874 at a cost of around $15,000 was one of the great mansions of Iowa City, Iowa and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion is located at the corner of Gilbert and Bowery in Iowa City. The Close family was involved in a linseed oil company and a glove factory, both of which were located near that home.

Uses of the home

After the Close family sold the home it was used as an Acacia fraternity and later was occupied by the Johnson County department of Social Welfare. During the years of the homes renovation several of the Italian style characteristics were removed, including the widows walk, the front balconies, and the glassed in cupola. The red brick of the house was temporarily painted gray but the paint has since been removed. The cupola and balconies have since been restored to the home. The Close Mansion currently houses an interior design firm and a picture framing shop.

Building Activity

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