Clipper Navigation
Clipper Navigation, Inc. is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington that provides multiple transportation and vacation packages, many of which are offered under the name Clipper Vacations. The company operates the popular Victoria Clipper high-speed passenger-only ferry service between downtown Seattle and the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. The various Victoria Clipper catamarans typically complete a one-way trip in less than three hours.

Clipper Navigation Inc. was founded in 1986 with the original Victoria Clipper on the Seattle/Victoria route. The Victoria Clipper II was actually two different boats that ran to the San Juan Islands. Both boats were sold and the Victoria Clipper III provided that service and continued onto Victoria. The Clipper III ran between Seattle and Friday Harbor and provided whale watching out of that port, but is currently being contracted to the United States Navy as a passenger ferry. As Clipper Navigation grew, it launched Clipper Vacations. Clipper Vacations provides hotel and tour packages not just in Victoria, but also in Seattle, Vancouver, Friday Harbor, Portland, Oregon, Whistler, British Columbia, Whitefish, Montana, Rocky Mountain Rail tours, and many spas and fishing resorts on Vancouver Island. The Victoria Clipper IV was added to the fleet in the mid-1990s and holds approximately 40 more passengers than the Clipper I. While the Clipper IV is capable of reaching an overall faster top speed, both vessels cruise at 30 knots between Seattle and Victoria. The Clipper IV is also one of the fastest passenger vessels in the western hemisphere. The Clipper fleet currently consists of three high speed catamarans: the Victoria Clipper I, III and IV that serve Seattle, Victoria, and Friday Harbor. Clipper Navigation was also responsible for operating the Princess Marguerite III, a car ferry between Seattle and Victoria. Its operation was discontinued a decade ago due to the extremely high costs associated with the six hour trip between ports. Currently, there is no car service between Seattle and Victoria. The primary choice for passengers with cars is either the Coho ferry out of Port Angeles or the Washington State Ferry from Anacortes, Washington to Sidney, British Columbia about 30 minutes from Victoria. Clipper Vacations can book passengers who wish to take the Coho in conjunction with a hotel stay. Between 2005 and 2006, Clipper Navigation also operated the Mosquito Fleet out of Everett, Washington. This boat was the primary whale watching service in Friday Harbor. Its operation was ceased at the end of 2006, however. Whale watching is still available with the Victoria Clipper out of Seattle.

Amtrak Service
The Victoria Clipper ferry provides Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach service between Seattle, Washington and Victoria, BC.