Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital - HECA

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Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital - HECA
The project for the new Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital (HECA) forms part of the strategy of the municipality of Rosario to renovate its health-care network and to adapt the general system to contemporary technological standards. Having been subject to repeated modifications, the original hospital had been rendered obsolete and it was no longer capable of responding to the needs of the citizens of the metropolitan area of Greater Rosario. Within this context, a new building was proposed and its design was based on several important objectives, one of which was low-rise construction. Moreover, it was fundamental that the new structure be capable of absorbing and adapting to 21st-century medical and technological advances, thereby ensuring future growth and development. Thus, the concept of flexibility was the point of departure for the project and a network of 7 X 7 meter modules was developed which allows for both the subdivision and connection of the units. In addition, the modular approach permits the use of the hospital according to its current requirements and at the same time makes it possible to accommodate necessary modifications in the future. On the one hand, such changes would imply that a minimal physical intervention be necessary while on the other, the circulation systems and the facades would not need to be altered. The mechanical system is located on an intermediate floor that runs through the entire building in order to facilitate repairs as well as the installation of new services with minimum interference in terms of the daily work of the hospital. CREDITS: 1. Direccion De Arquitectura Hospitalaria 2. Municipalidad de Rosario Arq 3. Mario Corea Aiello Arq 4. Silvana Codina Arq 5. Francisco Quijano


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