City Tower is a skyscraper in Prague (Pankrác district), the tallest one in the Czech Republic with 109 m in height.

Construction started in 1985 and the building was designated as a headquarters of Československý rozhlas (now Český rozhlas; a Czech public radio broadcaster). In 1993 the building was nearly completed, but appeared to be oversized for Český rozhlas (which split from Československý rozhlas after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia), technically obsolete and full of dangerous asbestos.

In later years Český rozhlas tried to sell the uncompleted building. In 1996, an agreement was signed with the company NIKO to sell the building for 1 billion CZK, but subsequently failed to pay the agreed amount. A similar scenario happened one year later with the Singaporean company Wells Holding and an agreed selling price of 550 million CZK. Finally the building was sold in 1999 to the company ECM for just 285 million CZK.

After a long planning process and legislative planning steps the radical reconstruction of the building, designed by Richard Meier, started in 2005 and finished in 2008. On 20 December 2007 the building obtained final building approval. The first tenants started to move into the building at the beginning of 2008. The largest renter is Raiffeisenbank, a.s. which occupies 10 floors of the building with about 1200 employees.

  • Prague skyscrapers, City Tower on right (year 2005, before reconstruction)

  • City Tower in centre (year 2006, during reconstruction)


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