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The City of the XXI Century Each historical period forms its own conception of an ideal city. What can be a model of a new city of the XXI century? How we imagine it? If we are speaking about future cities we often imagine a silhouette formed by huge skyscrapers and multilevel engineering systems. Though such an image of an urban city illustrates not the achievements but just another problem. The investigations prove that all the time the basic element of constructing cities was a building of a simple form such as cube or prism. But if we look at the structure of nature around us we’ll see the difference. There are no square forms and right angles there, round forms plastic lines predominates in nature (mountains, hills, rivers, waves, clouds, trees ets). The variety of structures gives us an example of harmonious unity of different by the form elements. Why not to use this experience for building new cities? Nowadays nobody can affirm that cities are harmonious part of nature, the conflict is obvious. So we can conclude that human being in the process of development makes an artificial nature. A gap between the city and nature has reached a maximum level in XX century. XXI century must be the time of ecological decisions, plasticity and harmony with nature. Short description of the idea The architecture constructions of the project are not based on the simple geometric forms, they are based on plasticity and flexible lines that create a natural space. Therefore this new architect project is not only traditional housing; it is a part of natural landscape. Unlike the cities of today the new city has soft lines of nature. Ecological clean city: the new city does not need the traditional patrol transport. The city is designed for walking on foot, cycling and electric cars (private and public). Thanks to this idea the new city will become cleaner and better. The new city does not have the corridor-like streets, squares and rare parks that just vaguely remind of nature. For the first time widely known Chinese symbol “Yin and Yang` (which also existed in the ancient culture on the territory of Ukraine) is used as a modern architecture project.

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