City of Capitals

The City of Capitals (Russian: Город Столиц, official English name: Capital City) is a multifunctional complex, including two skyscrapers, located on plot 9 in the International Business Center Moscow City in Moscow. The City of Capitals, symbolising Moscow and St. Petersburg, was completed in 2009. Now the "Moscow Tower" is taller than Naberezhnaya Tower and in the CIS with a height of 302 metres until the completion of the Mercury City Tower.

More than half of the top floors are taken up by an entertainment complex, office suites, and large apartments. The Сity of Capitals consists of two towers - the 76-level "Moscow Tower" and the 65-level "St. Petersburg Tower". Floors 17 and 18 of both towers are offices. The entire complex sits on a main lobby consisting of 6 underground floors and 4 aboveground floors of public space. The upper floors of the base structure will contain shops, a fitness center, presentation halls, and restaurants.

To create the concept for the offices in the City of Capitals, other business complexes and business centres from other parts of the world have been studied. The offices in the City of Capitals are designed under the latest international standards, according to the project developers. The spatial structure of the complex with steps of columns 9 metres high enables the organisation of offices with open layouts from 500 up to 3,500 square metres. An entrance to the office section of the complex is situated near a quay, leading from underground parking to retail galleries.

Use of space

  • Trade floors: 0 m2 (0 sq ft)
  • Fitness center: 2,480 m2 (26,700 sq ft)
  • Entertainment (i.e. restaurants, cinemas, etc.): 10,800 m2 (116,000 sq ft)
  • Office space: 80,000 m2 (860,000 sq ft)
  • Residential use: 101,440 m2 (1,091,900 sq ft)
  • Parking space: 2000 places

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