Church Pope Giovanni XXIII in Seriate, Italy

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Church Pope Giovanni XXIII in Seriate, Italy

         The site of the new church dedicated to Holy Pope Giovanni XXIII is next to the 18th-century church of San Alessandro Martyr in the Paderno area. Residences and single-family houses built in recent years characterise the surroundings and borderlines of the road connecting Seriate to Bergamo.      

         In the planning of the new building, the old church defines the north-western limit of a rectangle facing the new church; on the south- eastern side a long, single-storey building houses the priest quarters and few other rooms ending towards the countryside with the oratory and the catechism classrooms on the first floor. The square-plant-church constitutes the centre of the whole project with a side length of 25 meters and a height of 23 meters.

        The bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete; the façades are clad in natural Verona stone slabs (split slabs), while the interior walls are covered with panels of gilded wood (similar to the technique of gilded frames). The interior space offers itself as a one and only volume shaped by the lateral wall; light flows in from four roof skylights. Polished Verona stone is used in the interior as a continuity of the whole flooring that shapes the plinth of the walls and the liturgy furniture (altar, pulpit, chair). A stone clad twin apse completes the church space and displays a sculptural work – a crucifixion scene within the cladding – by the Italian artist Giuliano Vangi.


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