Château d'Esserts-Blay
It is a rehabilitation of a ruin of an old medieval castle built in XIV°-XV° century. The program is to re-use it as an rural animation room. The owner and the client is the Village of Esserts-Blay located in the French Alps, Department of Savoie.
The total surface is 416 sq. m. included the walls, and 258 sq. m. without the walls.
The interest is to re-affect this ancient ruin in a new equipement for the village, in order of local economy and sustainable development.
It was a long investment in regard to the small size of this operation (2002-2008 and more if we start from the first discussion in 1992).
It uses mixt techniques called wood-concrete for the slab, and only wood for the stairs inside and outside. There are three rooms inside in respect of the ancient structure: a great room, a room for the bar-kitchen, and an entrance with sanitary accomodation.
The upper part are nowadays reachable by two stairs( local wood: larch), inside of a tower, and outside in the place of a supposed fourth tower: we have tried to build an enigma....
The all building is opened to desabled persons, what was not easy in regard to the slope of the ground.
The interesting point is that this building was understood, until 2003, as something out of fundamental use, only for fire-camp, stone career, end of youth's nights under the lovin' moon, something out of architectural deals of that days. We have tried to find the good way, between the ruin and the re-used state, between the XIV° and the XXI° century.
A kind of lightness is the original fund of this work, to submit the re-use to the ancient use.
Such words are difficult to say to day, because we need efficency.
I thinck efficency needs this type of words and works.


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