Christchurch Castle
Christchurch Castle is located in Christchurch, Dorset, England ( grid reference SZ160927). It originated as Norman motte and bailey castle raised around 1100 by Richard de Redvers, cousin of Henry I. A great tower was built later probably about 1300. Nearby on the banks of the mill stream is the Constable's House which is a notable example of a Norman Domestic Dwelling.

The castle saw military activity in 1147 during the war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. It was also involved in the Civil War when it was initially a Royalist castle. As a result of this it was slighted in about 1652. The castle is now in ruins. A couple of the keep walls remain, surrounded by a rectangular moat.

Constable's House
Nearby is a domestic Norman dwelling, known as the Constable's House, which was built within the original castle bailey in 1160. Much of the stonework survives, including a rare example of a Norman Chimney. The ground floor which has four slit windows was used as a storeroom. The upper floor accessed by steps outside and a internal staircase contained the main hall. As well as the chimney, another notable feature is the garderobe tower over the mill stream added in the early 13th century to provide sanitary arrangements.