Christ Church is an Anglican church serving a parish on the southern side of Warminster, Wiltshire.

Services and style
The Church is evangelical in tradition and the 9.30 family service on Sundays is lively, although the Church welcomes people of all traditions, the 11am Sunday Morning Worship service is more reflective in style and spirituality.

The Church was built in 1830 to serve what was then Warminster Common. Originally part of the Parish of St Denys (The Minster) Christ Church was opened in 1831.

Building Developments
The building has been continually developed and expanded to suit the changes in Worship over the years. 1870s and 1880s development In 1871 the Church was expanded with the addition of the Chancel and Vestry. In 1881 the ceiling of the worship area, which was becoming unstable, was replaced with the wooden beams and pillars that are still present in the building. 1960s development During the late 1960s an attempt was made to modernise the worship in the Church, and a nave Altar was built. This was a very controversial move and led, eventually, to a consistory court. Consistory Court The building of the Nave Altar in the 1960s was controversial. The Vicar, acting with the best intentions wanted to symbolically bring the worship of the Church to a more central place in the Church. However this move divided the Church and a number of the congregation and those outside the congregation complained that there had been no consultation. Eventually a Parishioner appealed to an ecclesiastical consistory court. The case was lost by the Vicar and Church Wardens as the court found that insufficient consultation about the change had occurred. Although the Alter was not removed, the affair caused a rift in the Church and a number of people felt strongly enough to move to worship elsewhere. Christ Church for the 21st Century development In 2004 a major redevelopment of Christ Church began with the complete reordering on the worship space, the addition of a raised Dais, the removal of the controversial Nave altar and pews, this has created a modern and functional welcome / fellowship area in the lobby of the Church building. The result is a crisp, attractive and very functional Church building, with modern Audio Visual system as an aid to worship. The second Phase of the development project includes the utilisation of the mezzanine floor area above the welcome area of the Church. Creating meeting rooms, and more functional space, this second part of the work will hopefully begin during 2011.

List of Incumbent Vicars

Vicar's Name From J. H. A. Walsh 1831 R. R. Hutton 1860 W. Hickman 1867 J. S. Stuart 1899 H. Lloyd-Jones 1941 H. G. Green 1943 R. A. Ford 1965 B. I. Abbott 1971 John C. Day 1977 Fred Woods 1981 Peter W. Hunter 1997


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