Chinook Regional Hospital
Chinook Regional Hospital is the main hospital in southern Alberta and offers many of the health care services for Alberta Health Services. The hospital services a population of over 150,000 and is supported by the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation.

The first hospital in Lethbridge opened in 1891 by the family of Alexander Galt, a local entrepreneur. The building houses the Galt Museum. The Sisters of St. Martha opened the St. Michael's Hospital at 13 Street South and 9 Avenue South in 1929. In 1955, the city built a municipal hospital nearby where the CRH is located today. Up until 1960, both hospitals received several expansions. The Alberta Department of Health later evaluated them and discovered both needed substantial structural upgrades. The decision was made to rebuild the municipal hospital and redesign St. Michael's as a long-term facility. Despite proposals of several locations for the new hospital, ultimately the hospital was built on the same lot as the municipal hospital allowing the latter to still operate during construction. The Lethbridge Regional Hospital opened 24 June 1988 at the cost of $118 million. The hospital was renamed the Chinook Regional Hospital in 2006.

Some of the services provided include the following:
  • Acute geriatrics
  • Emergency
  • Intensive care
  • Mental health
  • Obstetrics
  • Surgery
The facility has over 225 acute care beds, 45 acute geriatrics beds and more than 15 bassinets.

The hospital is equipped with a helipad for transporting patients to Calgary. Its elevation is 2,993 ft (912 m) and its main user is the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) air ambulance service.