Decades ago, when newspaper was the dominant medium, the design for a publishing office was machine-oriented, where location of equipments was the first priority, people and desks randomly shared the what’s left in the space. Inevitably, the space was inflexible and the design was dull. In Today’s world, where it counts human intelligence to reign and evaluate ways of communication, designing spaces for media production has become more interesting and sophisticated for designers as well as the users. To create a space that accommodates different thoughts and opinions, that integrates executions on different phases of media production, that comforts and supports its users, that arouses potential and ingenuity, is the holy grail when a space for communication is the challenge. Such is the case with our project at China Times. Five decades after the establishment, the renovation of spaces at China Times groups is as much a physical makeover as it is a spiritual transformation. In redefining the characteristics of the spaces that illustrate China Times’ insights, we aim to create open and accessible environment for management of explosive information, and to inspire a brand-new value of the globally local service. In this project of creatively adapting the existing space, our primary task is to rearrange departments placed in scattered pattern in the five buildings at China Times. When organizational rearrangement requests spatial renovation, an integrated powerhouse is our solution and the origin of our extensive designs. The concept of CT Park (China Times Park) is the basis of our design for the underground office area of the headquarters building. Although equipments of advanced technology bring perfect ventilation and air-conditioning to the space 40 feet deep from the surface, to draw the sense of freshness and briskness in a hermetically sealed underground space depends on refreshing design. We transform the former printing factory into a vertically open space, taking away the dividing floors from B2 to B4 to create an expansively integrated 50 x 70 x 12 meters space, which serves as platform for communication, exchange of opinions and events of various departments. To accommodate such exhausting workloads, such intensive pace and numerous immediate decisions, the layout of the office is efficiency-oriented. On the corner and long sides of the new office, bookshelves are erected against the walls for accumulated information and search of references. Four meeting rooms are lined up in the sky, where broad vision elicits bright ideas. An oval conference room with glass partition is set in the center, providing instant access for discussions of chief editors, and making it possible for all personnel to participate in decision-making process. All the partitions and walls from the original layout are replaced with glass division, to ensure visual accessibility and facilitate exchange of viewpoints. With spaces connected by a long catwalk extending from one short end to the other, office areas of different departments are integrated as a whole into a powerhouse, where concepts become reality through collaboration of spaces and minds. Media workers live a rather different lifestyle than people in other business. Constantly having to gather, edit and generate most updated information to the public, always pushed to the edge with ringing phones and huge piles of documents, one might lose the ability to really chill. Therefore, as we try to promote efficiency, we focus more on creating spatially soothing elements that suggest a peace of mind. Our design for the working areas tends to set a relaxing tone with flexible and convenient spaces to revive exhausted state of mind, where one can always resort to consolation from the surroundings. We insist on providing sufficient public spaces. Therefore is an unorthodox basketball court on the bottom floor, the whole office becomes a stadium whenever a game is on. There is a gym for workouts between short breaks. There is a café serving food for soul. Amid busy desks, there are places to lay the feet on; there are sights to ease sore eyes; there are cozy spots to calm and sort out tangled thoughts. There is a refreshing park, underground. While on space we innovate, on history we preserve. The remaining utensils and appliances of the factory, such as printing machine, clocks, and frames, are installed in the new office as public display of art, the rearrangement of which will also bring impact to the group with energy from the past. The renovated office area is a powerhouse for media workers, with energetic arrangement of spaces and mind-relaxing facilities, more possibilities will be discovered for China Times media group in pursuit of server as a major information provider.


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    3D simulation of the design area plan of the office area -- CT Park section of the office area -- CT Park the original printing factory on B2 to B4 a view at the office area CT Park--1 a view at the office area CT Park--2 a view at the office area CT Park--3 the elevated space and conference pool on B4 the public area and long wall of art display on B3 the elevator hall and art display on B3 the Skyrooms on B2 the Flexi-activity wall on B3 the Green wall and skywalk at CT Park the bookshelves and office area at CT Park the basketball on B4 the cafeteria on B3 the art display at elevator hall on B4 the renovated studio at headquarters building China Times Cafe on 1F the pavement and green belt outside China Times C
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