Chilexpress building
Two volumes with different program, format and materiality are articulated by a social meeting space contained by the buildings of this courier company. Analogy of code bars and the use of corporate colors are expressed as light, color and transparencies lines.

An horizontal three stories offices building made of reinforced concrete at sight, coated with glass curtain walls, looking as a suspended skin which changes according to daylight and the observation point. At night, it becomes a lighted surface that seems to float in darkness.

Glasses are replaced at west by drilled metallic panels allowing sun radiation screening but without losing inside transparencies. Contrasting, the production area is a closed volume containing a big inner space where automatic selection and dispatch systems are located. Façade textures, wavy metallic panels stainless steel colored with inner isolation show a typology of all heights windows imitating a bar code image all...


29 photos and 2 drawings