Children`s Training and Entertaining Park

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Children`s Training and Entertaining Park
Concept Children are one of the most significant parts of every society. They are like untouched elements that get formed by societies’ various methods of education and training. Therefore, the main duty of society is to obtain this goal of well educating children. What people learn in their childhood is like a base of their knowledge in older years. The system of teaching, the material they learn, and the area they get taught are the most important part of every child’s education organization, and as far as these elements get better and better children’s knowledge last longer and longer. Most of the schools and their dependents places in Iran and other parts of the world are used, old buildings that changed their interior to be more educational by using children’s suitable color, play instruments, games, furniture, … etc. in these kind of places the main elements of design of exterior and interior are decoration, furniture, and finally some different areas that represent as children training areas; for example, museum, schools, play areas, …etc. In these places design of interiors like furniture and decorations are well done, but design of the building itself is less considered than interior. So, what makes the architecture of children learning places very important is the relation of the system of teaching and the place children get taught. This means that different kind of teaching systems need various spaces, and all of these reasons made me to start designing of children’s training park. In Iran training is always a feeling of being forced for children. Even the summer extra classes are in the same category. This feeling of learning by force is either imposed by teachers or parents and it decrease the level of the children’s learning by very large amount. Therefore, I decided to solve these kinds of problems by creating an interesting area for children to entertain as long as training, because this is proved to be the best way of educating children. So it brings the idea of a park plus training place and mixes them to the shape of children’s training and entertaining park. On the other hand, I chose park because park by its dictionary meaning is the extensive green area of the nature, and it is a suitable place for children to play and discover, happily, freely, and with no disturbance or force. Finally in training and entertaining park the idea of educating and entertaining mix together physically and conceptually to create a place or building only for children to freely play, entertain, and educate. Site analysis The project site is located in the south side of Niavaran cultural center. Around this site is the cultural center of Niavaran, Niavaran park, the gathering of Niavaran palaces and Sahebgharanie, library, museum, physical and mathematical theory discovery centre that all located in the garden area. This means that the site is the very big park area that has several different purposes buildings in it, and I also add children training and entertaining park to it.


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