Chicago Club

The Chicago Club, founded in 1869, is a private business and social club located in downtown Chicago. Its membership has included many of Chicago's most prominent businessmen, politicians, and families.

Press coverage

The Chicago Club's by-laws specifically forbid working members of the press from entering the building. The one exception to this rule seems to have been in 1982 when a Chicago Tribune editor was able to obtain limited access. (The club's firm ban on press photographers apparently held as the Tribune produced four water-colour paintings of the club interior in lieu of photographs.)

University of California "Centrality Study"

G. William Domhoff, professor of sociology at the University of California, ran a network analysis study on the membership of think tanks, policy-planning groups, social clubs, trade associations, and opinion-shaping groups across the country for a research project he was doing on San Francisco's Bohemian Club. The Bohemian Club turned out to be the 11th "most connected" organization in the country. Only three social clubs ranked higher: New York's Links Club (3rd), San Francisco's Pacific Union (7th), and The Chicago Club (8th).