CHCH Television Tower
The CHCH Television Tower is a 357.5 metre-high guyed TV mast located at 481 First Road West in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. It is the primary transmitter for television station CHCH-TV. It is also currently the third-tallest structure in Canada. When it was built in 1960, the CHCH Television Tower became the tallest structure in Canada. Only three structures built since then within Canada surpassed its height: the CN Tower in Toronto, the mast of Cape Race LORAN-C transmitter (collapsed in 1993) and the Inco Superstack in Sudbury. The CHCH tower ranks twelfth in height among the tallest structures in the Commonwealth of Nations. The mast is located on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, so when viewed from the bottom of the escarpment it appears to be exceptionally tall.